Exclusive Tastings

Working from home? 
Want to arrange your own?

Working from home, working from the office, virtual teams ... work now is complicated. If you are still working in the city, our partners at The Wigs Cellar are still open and offering free delivery for the 3000 postcode. But if not, The Wigs Cellar (Melbourne’s oldest independent wine shop) have been thinking of things we can do to help to help friends, family and co-workers stay connected. 

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Custom Tastings

Just like the Wigs Cellar tastings, but tailored for you.  We can host these for you on Zoom, Teams or whichever way you are currently getting your team together. We can deliver tasting packs to the office for people to collect, or arrange for them to be sent out.  These can be (slightly) educational, or all fun an