Learn how to make easy, achievable but delicious classic cocktails at home.


Includes a choice of 100ml, 2x100ml sample bottles or full 700ml bottles of Gosling 'Black Seal' Rum. Along with a selection of spicy Australian and international ginger beers. 


Join Simon to explore the history and stories for this unique cocktail: the Dark ‘n Stormy.  Perhaps you’ve tasted rum, lime and ginger beer together but that doesn’t mean you’ve had a Dark ‘N Stormy!  Come join us to taste and compare ginger beers and even make our own from fresh ginger on the spot.

Pick up in store or we can organise no-contact delivery.


You can purchase your class registration here:  https://melbourne.lanewaylearning.com/classes/09/04/friday-happy-hour-the-dark-n-stormy-cocktail-and-spicy-ginger-beers-with-simon-online/

The Dark ‘N Stormy Set