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Maritime Gin -Tasting Notes

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Maritime gin is gin inspired by the Maritime environment, with flavours of the sea and the coast.

Common ingredients in Maritime gins are seaweed, kelp and coastal samphire, this often extends to range of seashells such oyster or abalone also drift wood, coastal heath and even sea water itself.

The Scots & the Irish lay claim to be the first to make a maritime gin and there is thin evidence for either, yet I will side with the Scots.

Most maitime gin can be served as a martini and all can be served as a G&T with a light tonic and a Slice of lemon or lime.

The real revelation is pairing it with oysters, maritime gin complement the beautiful taste and texture of fresh oysters, you can pour some gin on the oysters or taste them separately.

Here are some of my favourites

NB Distillery : Samphire Gin

A truly elegant and complex Maritime gin, which has been distilled using hand-picked marsh samphire from the coastal areas of East Lothian. The subtle tones of green tea are complemented with the warmth of ginger and vibrant citrus flavours. Best served with a Capi Dry or Fever Tree light tonic.

Coffin Bay : Rare Coastal Gin

Using native botanicals sourced from a single stretch of the iconic Coffin Bay coastline, these include : Boobialla, Bearded Heath, Karkalla Fruit & Foraged Seaweeds.

The award winning distiller, Geordan, says this is best served while watching the sunset over Coffin Bay!

Best served with a Capi Dry or Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic.

Bass & Flinders : Maritime Gin

Locally foraged kelp and samphire as well as locally harvested vine leaves complement dry juniper notes.

Coastal saltbush, lemon myrtle and currant bush provide depth of flavour reminiscent of the Australian bush that hugs the coastline of the Mornington Peninsula.

Serve with a Fever Tree Mediterranean or Capi Indian tonic.

MPD (Moorooduc): Beach Box Gin

A full-flavoured gin made from estate wine and vapour infused with juniper, home-grown herbs, citrus and driftwood from favourite Peninsula Beaches!

The Gin is a fresh, summer-style with clean juniper and citrus.

Serve with a Capi or Fever Tree Indian tonic.

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