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Organise Your Own Tasting Event

Working from home?

Want to arrange your own?

Working from home, working from the office, virtual teams ... work now is complicated. If you are looking for things to help friends, family and co-workers stay connected. May be a Custom Tasting.

Custom Tastings

DrinkSmiths can cutomise a tastings, tailored specifically for you. We can host these for you on Zoom, Teams or evenb in your office, whichever way you are currently getting your team together. We can deliver tasting packs to the office for people to collect, or arrange for them to be sent out. These can be (slightly) educational, or all fun – whatever suits you.

Here is how it could work:

1. Choose from one of the "standard" tastings we have put together. These allow you to compare basic different grapes and styles and then after that you can move on to tasting different versions of one type of wine (e.g. Riesling, Shiraz) etc. These are just ideas, we can do something fancier if people want something special. For spirits we would be able to include some dry garnishes, possibly mixers etc, it depends what people want.

2. We set up a page on our website with the drinks, a price and space for people to enter their delivery details and pay. We send you a link to this page and instructions.

3. We decide on a date and time that works for you, let's say a Wednesday at 5pm AEST.

4. You set up a Zoom/any other video tech you use, develop a calendar invite (we can send you the pic if you want) and include the link for people to order. We need a minimum of 6 participants to make it worthwhile.

5. People click on the link, fill in their information and pay.

6. We deliver or courier out the orders. We would normally need to allow 10 days for delivery, but we may be able to organise a shorter time frame.

7. You send us the link to the meeting and 4.45pm Wednesday we log in to make sure we are ready to go

8. 5pm Wednesday, your team log in from their homes. We guide them through the history of the drink, the differences, how to know what goes with what etc. We then run a guided tasting encouraging people to smell, taste and share the results. People can ask questions through video, chat to each other, just as they would at a live tasting. We can run polls for the favourite combination, there could be prizes, whatever you like.

The whole tasting would take no more than an hour and you can keep your video chat going after we have finished if people want to stay and chat.

That's it, a fun night with the whole crowd, hardly any organising and no cleaning up! Let us know what you think - we love to run these!

You get the idea, if you want a drink, laugh or chat, call 9531 1308 Monday - Friday or email and we will design something just for you because we can.

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